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NA-C200 and WACP | First Look

Canon's C200 Super-35 format 4K cinema camera is touted as being "production ready" out of the box and for the underwater shooter it lives up to that designation.  The Nauticam NA-C200 Housing for the Canon C200, which can be paired with the Nauticam WACP, creates an ultra-capable and ultra-portable underwater wide-angle video production rig. 

With a large array of 4K options available on the market in a variety of price options the C200 bridges the gap between high-end cinema cameras and extremely capable mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic GH5.  As it is a cinema camera it does offer RAW DCI 4K recoding but does so at a more reasonable price point, something a mirrorless has yet to offer.  The C200 also has several features that are found nowhere else or at least not at the same price point. The C200 is the embodiment of the "everything you need, nothing you don't" philosophy from its intuitive and well placed controls to its elegant workflow options and compact design.

We took the NA-C200, equipped with an NA-502S Monitor Housing and WACP on a recent trip to Raja Ampat.  While most cameras can generate good video in ideal conditions, a great camera can yield good results even in poor conditions.  Visibility was a challenge on this trip but the C200 was still able to deliver great results for the conditions. 

Beneath the video from Raja Ampat you will find an in-depth look at the camera as well as two additional videos, the NA-C200 Installation and Overview as well as the NA-C200 First Look.



NA-C200 Overview and Installation 


NA-C200 First Look


NA-C200 In Depth

White Balance and RAW

Among the features that set the C200 apart are Canon's always-pleasing treatment of color underwater and easy one-touch white balance.  With the addition of RAW when recording to supported CFast media this already great color can be tweaked even more to get just the look you want. 

Neutral Density Filters

The C200 also features built-in variable neutral density filters that can go from a strength of 2 to +6 stops.  The ND is easily engaged via a lever on the left hand side of the camera.  This dual direction lever means that you can either go straight from 0 to the full 6 in one direction or in steps of 2 stops when depressed the other direction.  The neutral density filter has various uses from adding definition to sun rays to allowing the use of wider apertures for a shallower depth of field.  


The one-touch auto-iris feature is accurate and fast.  Accessible via a thumb lever near the right handle but assignable to other buttons, the auto-iris is great for getting your exposure in the ballpark with just a quick push, especially helpful when shooting fast action scenes or variable lighting conditions.

Electronic Viewfinder

The electronic viewfinder allows for streamlining the setup even more when using the housing for activities that require more maneuverability and speed.  Removing the monitor, skids and attaching a magnifying viewfinder such as the Nauticam 45º or 180º magnifying viewfinders makes the NA-C200 ready for freediving or big animal action at the surface.  The EVF also enhances the ability to check critical focus or exposure in bright ambient light conditions.

Exposure Monitoring and Control

The waveform monitor, peaking and zebra can easily be enabled with buttons accessible from the left handle.  The display can be heavily customized in the well-organized and clear menu system.  Accessing the menu underwater is simple as the joystick control is conveniently placed on the rear cover of the housing.

With the ability to reassign the majority of buttons the NA-C200 can be configured to meet every shooters demands.  The NA-C200 record lever now communicates with the camera electronically via the remote cable input on the camera allowing for even faster activation.


With a variety of mounting points and bulkheads the NA-C200 can be outfitted for any situation.  SDI and HDMI bulkheads can be used for external montiors, including surface monitoring.  Trim weight attachment points are located in several key positions on the housing allowing for the strategic placement of 0.25kg or 0.5kg weights to trim the housing quickly and accurately.  The new skids also have movable trim weight positions on them allowing for re-trim on the fly.  

The NA-C200 and WACP in action in Raja Ampat, image courtesy of Stewart Galloway


The WACP provides the sharpest corners of any wide angle port/lens combination currently available.  When showing 4K on a large screen soft corners are immediately visible and detract from the overall quality of the film, no matter how great the subject matter.  Combining the C200 with WACP creates 4K with ultra-sharp corners while still giving a large 130º field of view.


For those looking to take their underwater video to the next level without breaking the bank or for production teams looking for a capable and economical field rig the NA-C200 is sure to meet the needs of a variety of underwater shooters.

The NA-C200 is available now.