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Learn: Enhanced Viewfinders

By: Todd Winner

Nothing beats the view from an enhanced viewfinder! For critical focus and composition they provide a bright, clear and undistorted 1:1 image of the camera’s viewfinder. They can be used on DSLR bodies with optical viewfinders as well as mirrorless bodies with electronic viewfinders. They can even be utilized on the NA-C200 for the Canon C200 cinema camera!On mirrorless cameras with an EVF, the viewfinders can be used when shooting both still images and video. You can even review your images without ever lifting your eye from the viewfinder. They are available in 180º Straight and 45º angled formats with mounts for both DSLR and MIL, mirrorless interchangeable lens housings. Please note, Sony full frame mirrorless housings and cinema housings use the DSLR style mount.

45º Enhanced Viewfinder on a NA-A7RIII.

Both the180º and 45º viewfinders provide more clearance for your regulator allowing for a more comfortable viewing position. The 45º viewfinder can rotate to any angle, so you can go from shooting horizontals to verticals with a simple twist of the viewfinder. I recommend a little practice with either of them on land so that you can use them comfortably underwater.


Enhanced Viewfinders aid in composition.

Nauticam viewfinders are built to last. The casing is made of anodized aluminum and all lens elements and prisms in the viewfinder are precisely ground and multi–layer coated to ensure optimum light transmission and no distortion.

The viewfinders feature an external knob for eyesight compensation; hassle-free dioptric adjustment can now be easily performed even when you are underwater, no disassembly of the viewfinder is necessary.


Enhanced Viewfinders aid with focusing.

Installing the viewfinders couldn’t be any easier. It is simple to switch between the standard 0.66x and the enhanced viewfinders, in most cases with no tools. This makes it convenient to remove the viewfinder when packing your system for travel. Nauticam viewfinders can also be adapted to be used with Ikelite, Aquatica, Sea & Sea and Nexus housings with optional adapter kits.

Using a compact or a mirrorless without an EVF? Check out the Nauticam LCD Magnifier. The LCD Magnifier uses a specially designed underwater +10 achromatic optic and features a dioptric adjustment so the user can dial in the lens correction to get a very sharp view of the camera LCD. The molded rubber sunshade virtually eliminates problems seeing the LCD in bright sunlight. Please note, attachment rails are required to mount the LCD Magnifier. Check the accessory catalog to find the rails appropriate to your housing.

Getting the composition you want in camera means less cropping!