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Port Finder Options

Choosing a Port Combination

Compatible lenses for which there is a supported port combination will appear in the dropdown above.

Once you've selected a lens, available port combinations will appear in a list.

These options are listed in the recommended order with the first option being the "best choice".  However, there are several factors that should influence your decision.  

Glass vs. Acrylic Wide-Angle Dome Ports:

If both acrylic and glass options are available and you need guidance making a decision, please see Todd Winner's article on the subject.

Extension Rings:

Certain ports require the use of extension rings to provide the appropriate offset from the housing.  For those with larger offsets, a variety of combinations can provide the needed offset.

For example, if a total distance of 50mm extension is required, you can select a 50mm extension ring or a combination of a 20mm and a 30mm.  Your decision should be influenced by whether or not you would need these extensions for another lens you plan to purchase ports for.  It's best to research first the lenses and ports you wish to use by using our PORT CHARTS.  You can view or download the PDF appropriate to your system.

Important Note:

For each extension ring added you are introducing another o-ring into the system that must be maintained.