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Alex Dawson

Alex’s passion for diving dates back three decades to when he took his first breaths under water at the age of 19. He fell in love with the sport and quickly determined to become a dive master, which then led to his enlistment as a military diver in the Swedish Marines.

During this period, Alex bought his first underwater camera and housing, and began experimenting with photography. Following his departure from the military, his career brought him to Egypt, where he worked as a dive master and guide for a liveaboard on the Red Sea. This opportunity only further strengthened his love for the underwater world and photography, and eventually led him to work in Sudan, the Canary Islands, and his native country of Sweden. He has since been honored with the privilege to capture images for a variety of tourist organizations. “My style of photography is geared toward piquing the interest of non-divers, and giving them a window into worlds unseen. I always strive to create a ‘wish I was there’ feeling with my imagery. It is my hope that my unique style of hero shots in wide seascapes and ability to capture divers in the moment will inspire a whole new generation of divers and photographers.” This personal philosophy and unique approach to photography has led to stunning images that have received first-place awards in prestigious photo competitions across the globe.

Alex is a Nikon ambassador and shoots with a Nikon Z9 in a Nauticam housing with their dome ports and the WACP-2. He uses off-camera lighting from BigBlue Dive Lights and never uses stobes. He hasn’t owned a macro lens or port for more than 15 years. Today Alex works as a full-time commercial photographer both over and under the surface, and his work can be enjoyed in numerous publications worldwide.

alex dawson

Alex Dawson Photography
Tjusarstigen 3 B,
139 36 Värmdö, Sweden
phone: +46706369963