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N100 Sony A7RII/A7SII/A7RIII/A7RIV/A9/A7SIII/A7C/A1 Systems Port Chart

N100 Port System for Sony A7RII/A7SII/A9/A7RIII/A7RIV/A7C/A7SIII and A1 Systems

(rev. 05.06.24)

Most Nauticam housings offer interchangeable ports that allow for the use of a variety of lenses, however different lenses may require different ports and extensions rings to maintain or correct for underwater optics. When several options exist for a lens, the optimum solution will be marked with an asterisk (*).  Some lenses allow for access to zoom and manual focus functions when inside the housing via a gear set that works in conjunction with a supported housing or extension ring.  If a lens is not listed, it does not necessarily mean it will not work, it means that we have not tested it. For questions regarding lens compatibility please contact us.