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Update from Tek/Photo Week Grand Cayman

We're mid way through Tek/Photo week, and are being treated to great diving with Divetech here at Cobalt Coast in Grand Cayman. We've got lots of demo gear going out each day, and are looking forward to seeing some of the images and video.

The Pool at Cobalt Coast, Bathed in Some Extra Cobalt Lighting

One of the cameras we've been trying is the new Sony RX100. This is a very small camera and the housing is quite small also. In what seems to be a new tradition, my first dive with it was to 190 feet; it is always fun to learn a new camera with a bit of nitrogen narcosis happening.

The RX100 is capable of full manual control and goes to f/11, so you can stop down to get a black background like in this shot, or open up to get a blue background as in the next shot.

This is the same sponge as above, this time with the camera opened up to get the blu e background.

Stay tuned for another installment from Grand Cayman!