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The LX5's are here!

The Nauticam LX5 housing (NA-LX5) is now shipping. The first compact camera housing from Nauticam, this camera and housing are a potent combination. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 camera, or LX5 for short, may be the best underwater compact camera system to date.

The LX5 packs a lot of power into a small camera, including these features that benefit underwater shooters:

  • RAW image format
  • Manual exposure with full control
  • A very usable manual focus with DOF indicator
  • TTL in manual mode
  • AVCHD video

For Leica fans, the housing can also accomodate the Leica D-Lux5 camera. An optional insert is required for the D-Lux5.


I happened to have a Leica D-Lux5 in the housing this morning when I took the housing to a fishing dock to snap the product shots you see here. While walking down the pier, I noticed a cool little filefish right next to the dock. Well, having an underwater camera in my hands, I could not resist, so I laid down on the dock and dipped the D-Lux5 in and took a few snaps. So here's my first ever Leica photograph:

The Nauticam LX5 housing is available now from your friendly Nauticam dealer. Check out this blog post from April 15for more info about the camera and housing.