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SMC in Anilao

Anilao, Philippines, is a muck diving mecca, with an amazing assortment of small creatures. The Nauticam Super Macro Converter (SMC) is uniquely suited to capture these delightful subjects. The only optic for underwater macro designed from the ground up exclusively for underwater use, the SMC not only delivers sharper, less distorted images than other "diopters", but it makes finding subjects and focusing easier as well.

Skeleton Shrimp. Who knew their faces looked like rabbits? Before the SMC, U/W photographers were restricted to using close up lenses that were really designed for use in air, and adapted for underwater use. At small apertures, they perform pretty well, but at large apertures, the image is typically so distorted that only the very center of the image is usable. Cameras typically use wide open apertures for focusing, hence the large amount of distortion typically seen through a traditional wet closeup lens.

Green Shrimp. About the size of a hairy grain of rice. Not so with the SMC. By taking into account the refraction of the air/glass/water interfaces involved in using a wet lens, Nauticam's SMC greatly reduces this distortion. Bottom line: it is much easier to acquire subjects and get accurate focus using this excellent new piece of glass.

Thor amboinensis, aka Squat Shrimp, aka Sexy Shrimp. Whatever you call it, it is a great subject for the SMC.

Shot with the Canon 70D, Nauticam NA-70D housing, Canon 100mm and Sigma 150mm, and the Nauticam Super Macro Converter (SMC).