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Adobe Premiere Pro CC | Canon Cinema RAW Light Support Added

Good news for Canon C200 shooters, Adobe Premiere Pro CC has added native support for the Canon Cinema RAW Light compressed RAW format with the latest update (12.1.0 Build 186).  We took a look and below you'll find some screenshots and first impressions.

The Canon Cinema RAW Light file type now shows in the filter list in the Media Browser panel.

 When a Canon Cinema RAW Clip is selected the Effect Controls panel now has the Canon Cinema RAW Light Source Settings section.  The clip is by default set to Cinema Gamut Color Space and Canon Log 2 Gamma but this can be adjusted via the dropdown menu depending on whether you are looking to maximize dynamic range or go for quicker grading.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 12.1.0 Build 186 Screenshot

The Effects Controls are similar to what is available through the Canon Cinema RAW Development application with the exception of a sharpness slider.  As with the native Canon application, white balance temperature also has an upper limit of 15,000K.

Canon Cinema RAW Development Application Screenshot

When working with RAW files it's sometimes helpful to be able to apply your RAW settings to multiple clips.  By right-clicking on the Canon Cinema RAW Light Source Settings header you can save your edits as a preset and apply them to other clips in bulk. 

Saving a RAW Settings Preset