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New View! Enhanced Viewfinder on NEX-7!

The excellent Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) on the Sony NEX-7 can be used in the standard Nauticam NEX-7 housing by flipping the (patent pending) EVF/LCD switch to the EVF position. Many will use the LCD exclusively, but the EVF is useful at times when the LCD is difficult to see; in bright, shallow water, for example. But the EVF on NEX-7 is so good (2.4M dot OLED!) that it begs for something more. People coming from the SLR world are used to looking through a viewfinder, and many of them are used to enhanced external viewfinders.

NEX-7, 30mm macro and Nauticam 45º VF, shot by Phil Rudin

The answer: mate the existing Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinders with the NEX-7 housing.

As you can see from the photos, using an optional back window upgrade, you can now mount either the Nauticam 180º Viewfinder or the Nauticam 45º Viewfinder on the NEX-7. Phil Rudin and I were able to take it for test drive (dive) last week using the Nauticam 45º VF and found it to be excellent, for shooting both stills and video. Some example shots we got using the Sony 30mm macro lens are included in this email. (One quick recommendation - when shooting stills, disable the automatic preview so you can keep shooting without waiting for the preview). Focusing (and verifying focus) was much easier using the EVF, and for me, a longtime SLR shooter, shooting through the viewfinder just felt more natural. With higher resolution than the LCD, using the EVF gives the shooter a clear advantage. In addition, using the 45º, you also get the advantages associated with that viewfinder, i.e. shooting upward is much easier. Customers should be aware that the VF does block a considerable portion of the LCD, but I was able to see the entire LCD by looking at an angle.

The window installation is easy, and does not require any tools.



NEX-7, 30mm macro and Nauticam 45º VF, shot by Chris Parsons