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Introducing the MWL-1

Images by: Dr. Alex Tattersall and Edward Lai

Deciding whether to set up for macro or wide angle has long been a dilemma for SLR shooters. It's also a concern to many photographers that want to move to an SLR system from a compact or mirrorless that are accustomed to the versatility of wet-mate conversion lenses. The new Nauticam MWL-1 conversion lens is an ultra-wide angle lens that attaches to the front of a macro lens in the water, and makes these issues a thing of the past.

 Sweetlips with Nikon D850 and 60mm macro lens


Sweetlips Nikon D850, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1

The MWL-1 is the latest addition to the Nauticam underwater corrective optic lineup which includes the WWL-1 and WACP wide angle conversions lenses as well as the SMC and CMC magnifiers.  With 7 lens elements in 5 groups, the MWL-1 is designed to be used with supported macro lenses and at a 60mm equivalent focal length gives an ultra-wide 150º field of view.  The MWL-1 can focus anywhere from the front element to infinity which allows for unique close focus wide angle images.


Nikon D850, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1 

The compact size of the MWL-1 makes it the perfect travel friendly wide-angle option especially when heading to a primarily macro destination. Not only can you switch between wide angle and macro on the same dive, you can also capture unique close focus wide angle images of macro subjects. 


Nikon D500, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1

There are two mounting options, Nauticam's bayonet system or one of the two available flip mounts.  The MWL-1 can be quickly engaged or disengaged or even swapped for an CMC-1or CMC-2. Now going from wide angle to macro and even super macro is possible in seconds. The small size of the MWL-1 means you can bring it with you on every macro dive.


 Purple anemones with anemone fish, Nikon D850, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1.


Anemone fish, Nikon D850 and 60mm macro lens


Anemone fish eggs, Nikon D850, 60mm macro lens and CMC-2


The MWL-1 excels at smaller apertures and with its compact size, lighting subjects close to the front element is easily achieved. Full-frame shooters will get optimal results at F16 or higher.  


The double flip holder for MWL-1 (86222) allows for the use of either the MWL-1 or a CMC/SMC magnifying lens.

Nikon Z7, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1

Nikon D500, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1 


The MWL-1 opens a new door in creative shooting. Never again do you need to miss a wide angle opportunity on a macro dive, and experienced shooters will love the new perspectives possible on muck / macro dives. 

MWL-1 compatibility varies from system to system, and the most current list of compatible lenses is available here.  The MWL-1 is at its best with Nikon Full Frame systems such as the D850 or Z7 and the AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED lens. The 60mm macro is often overlooked, but it is outstanding lens on both full frame and DX Nikon systems.  The lens is capable of 1:1 reproduction ratio, and has an extremely accurate and fast autofocus system. It's focal length is a natural fit for fish portraits and macro shots of critters that will tolerate its short working distance, making it a great fit for muck, macro, and frame filler photography.


  Nikon D850, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1

Nikon Z7, 60mm macro lens and MWL-1 


Special thanks to Alex Tattersall for field testing and providing so many images for this blog.

To see more of Alex's work check out his Instagram!