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Gear Notes - Nikon D4

From the wonderful sound of the shutter (11 fps!) to the buttery smooth images it produces, there is nothing quite like shooting the Nikon flagship D4. Everything about this camera says "pro" and it lives up to professional expectations. We've got a prototype D4 housing here, and the staff is putting it through it's paces.

Nassau Grouper Getting a Cleaning; shot with Nikon D4 in NA-D4 Housing with Nikon 16mm FE

Let's start with the camera. The new Nikon flagship is a masterful piece of engineering and product development. The D4 is packed with features and performance. D4 has a top still shooting speed of 11 frames per second and a higher ISO range (up to 204,800) than it's predessors. The D4 also improves on D3s ergonomics - this camera feels great in the hand. Improvements are also found in metering, focus performance, and video. Check out the overview or Alex Mustard's field review for more details on this amazing camera.

Michael Maes Shooting a Hawksbill Turtle; shot with Nikon D4 and Sigma 15mm

The Nauticam NA-D4 housing is larger than a "normal" SLR housing, but in the water, it is very balanced, even with a large dome attached. Like all Nauticam housings, the focus is on ergonomics, and despite the large size, this housing fits the hand like a glove. The NA-D4's patent pending multi-controller lets the shooter take advantage of the D4's 51 focus point - it even allows the shooter to move focus points diagonally. The shutter and AF-ON are matched perfectly, easily accessed and make fine focus and shooting very easy. Changing ISO and white balance is a made especially easy with the panel below the main LCD. 

Sterling Zunbrumm of Backscatter Wields the Nikon D4 in Nauticam NA-D4 Housing

I shot the D4 with the Nauticam 45º Enhanced Viewfinder. In the shot above, Sterling is shooting it with the Nauticam 180º Enhanced Viewfinder. Both of these VF's allow you to see the entire viewfinder screen at once, including the shooting numbers. Sterling is shooting it with the new YS-D1 strobes; I had an opportunity to shoot it with the YS-250's. Shooting does not get much faster than D4 with YS-250's!