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Daniel Botelho - Great White Shark Interview

Dive Photo Guide interviews our friend Daniel Botelho

In life, there are those who stay in the cage and those who are brave enough to swim outside. 

And then there's underwater photographer Daniel Botelho, who doesn't even think about going in the cage in the first place. Daniel's spine-tingling, pulse-pounding images have appeared in publications like National Geographic. Last week his image of a Mola Mola was named in the list of "AOL's 2012 Most Awe Inspiring Images."

DPG: Great white sharks—the name says it all. For those of us who haven't had the opportunity to dive with these amazing animals, what is the experience like?

 No words could actually describe the experience of interacting with such a magnificent animal! However, it is also very demanding, especially if you are working as the safety diver for the operation. I compare diving with Great Whites to climbing Mount Everest: It can be very glorious, but if you make the wrong decision, it can also be fatal.

DPG: What was your lens selection for these images?

DB: For this essay I used the Nikkor 16mm fisheye, the Nikkor 14mm and the Nikkor 17-35mm. My camera was a Nikon D4 in a Nauticam housing.

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