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Canon 70D Field Blog, Day 4

Greetings once more from Lembeh... Chris Parsons here with some more video and still images to share with you from the Canon 70D in the Nauticam NA-70D housing.

There are several options for video autofocus, as once would expect. I've been using AF Method = FlexiZoneAF[], and then choosing Movie Servo AF based on the shot. The Movie Servo AF setting works like this: when it is enabled, the camera continuously performs autofocus while in the video mode; when disabled, the camera only autofocuses when the shooter presses the AF-ON button. The NA-70D strategically places the AF-ON button on a paddle control that is right under the right thumb, making this very easy. Start/stop video is the upper paddle on the same shaft, meaning that starting video and getting focus can be accomplished with one hand and with no reaching.

Here's today's video clip selection. Note that, like yesterday, these clips are right out of the camera; no color correction sharpening or image stabilization has been. Tomorrow I will take a look at some correction to show how much latitude exists the the 70D video output.

70D Lembeh Blog Day 4 from Christopher Parsons on Vimeo.

BTW, for lighting, I am primarily using the Keldan Luna 8 CRI video lights with the narrower (50º) reflector. This is an ideal light for this sort of shooting for several reasons, including the excellent power output, the narrower beam that concentrates that power into a very usable area for macro shooting, and most importantly the excellent color rendition of this light.

Check back tomorrow for the next installment.