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Canon 70D Field Blog, Day 3

Hello again from Lembeh, Indonesia.... Chris Parsons here with more coverage of the Canon 70D in the Nauticam NA-70D housing. Today was day one for shooting video underwater with this camera. As a quick reminder, one of the reasons we are excited about this camera is the prospect of accurate focus during video shooting with a Canon SLR. The big question.... will the autofocus live up to the hype?

I did 3 dives today with the camera, shooting video on all. So far, I am very different with the autofocus performance. I'll get into more detail in the coming days about specific techniques and what seems to work best, but for now, check out this video clip. This was all shot today on these 3 days, and edited quite quickly.

70D Lembeh Blog Day 3 from Christopher Parsons on Vimeo.

I'm planning on shooting video exclusively over the next few days to really get this autofocus figured out. I'll post more video and commentary tomorrow, so please check back.