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Wet Wide Lens for Compact Cameras (WWL-C)

130 Deg. FOV with Compatible 24mm Lenses

SKU # 83203

$ 1,035.00

The next evolution of the WWL-1 is coming soon!   As the versatility and capability of compact cameras increases, Nauticam has developed a smaller and lighter water contact wide angle lens tailored specifically to the compact camera user.  Designed from the ground up to match the compact camera's form factor without sacrificing optical quality, the WWL-C is a powerful addition to not only Nauticam compact housings but also, via an optional adapter, to those from other manufacturers such as the Olympus TG-6 and their PT-059 housing.

Technical Specifications

 Dimensions Dia. 146mm x 79mm
Weight in Air 1.05kg
Weight in Water 0.25kg
Lens Construction 4 elements
Lens Coatings Anti-reflective on both sides
Dome Coating Multi-layer Broad-band Antireflective Coating
Focal Range Front Element to Infinity
Maximum Field of View (underwater) 130º for 24mm equivalent lens
Mounting System Bayonet Mount
Depth Rating 100m


Introducing Wet Wide Lens for Compact Cameras (WWL-C)

With the original Wet Wide Lens, the WWL-1, Nauticam used computer aided lens design software to create an underwater-specific corrective lens that allowed for an unprecedented 130º field-of-view with full zoom-through optics and extreme close focus capabilities.  The WWL-1 wasn't just for higher end cameras that already benefitted from interchangeable lenses to attain better image quality, the WWL-1 was designed to work with a variety of cameras that featured a 28mm equivalent lens including compacts and micro-four thirds. 

Delivering a stunningly sharp 130º field-of-view with 24mm equivalent lenses, the WWL-C also features zoom-through capable optics.** The WWL-C features a pre-installed metal buoyancy collar and a non-removable metal dome shade.  

The WWL-C will also feature an updated quick-release Bayonet Mount.  Lenses that feature the new Bayonet Mount II will not be compatible with previous Bayonet Mount adapters but all Bayonet Mount lenses will be able to be used with the new Bayonet Mount II Bayonet Mount Adapters without modification.  

In the sidebar you will find a list of anticipated housing compatibility along with the supported focal-length range as well as the necessary port configuration for the Bayonet Mount II standard.


**= not all camera configurations support full zoom-through



Expected Camera Compatibility Table

NA-RX100VII 38705 N50 Short Port 17 with bayonet mount TBD
NA-RX100VI 38704 N50 Short Port 22 with bayonet mount 24-50mm
NA-RX100V 83250 M67 to Bayonet Mount II Converter 24-70mm
83250 M67 to Bayonet Mount II Converter
83250 M67 to Bayonet Mount II Converter
38704 N50 Short Port 22 with bayonet mount
NA-G7XII/G7X 38703 N50 Short Port 25 with bayonet mount 24-50mm
38704 N50 Short Port 22 with bayonet mount
38703 N50 Short Port 25 with bayonet mount
NA-TG5 83255 Bayonet Converter for NA-TG5 to use WWL-1 and WWL-C 25-100mm
Olympus PT-058/59 83256 Bayonet Mount Converter for Olympus PT-058/59 to use with WWL-1/WWL-C 25-100mm



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