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Universal Quadra-Pod Plate for Nauticam Housings

SKU # 17960

$ 404.00

A stable filming platform is crucial to capturing many underwater scenes. While larger cinema systems such as the NA-C200, RED Komodo and RED DSMC2 housings feature integrated stabilization options, many Nauticam DSLR and Mirrorless systems now have an option for a similar level of support with the Universal Quadra-Pod Plate.

The Nauticam Universal Quadra-Pod Plate is compatible with:

-N120 DSLR and Mirrorless Housings

-N100 Sony/Fujifilm, Nikon Housings

-N85 Mirrorless Housings

Introducing Universal Quadra-Pod Plate for Nauticam Housings

Featuring a flexible housing mounting position, the Quadra-Pod attaches via the integrated threaded mounts on the bottom of supported housings with large knurled thumb screws. The Quadra-Pod can be used in either Quadrapod or Tripod configurations.




There are five separate positions with which the Quadra-Pod can be mounted relative to the housing extending either more towards the front or rear of the housing. This flexible positioning allows for the use of various ports and accessories without interference.

Four 1" ball mounts can be used to attach a variety of leg options and configurations such as Nauticam double ball arms.

The Nauticam Universal Quadra-Pod gives DSLR and Mirrorless users a flexible solution to achieving a more stable filming position underwater while maintaining the low profile that makes these systems appealing.





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