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N100 0.36x Compact Wide Angle Conversion Port (WACP-C)

SKU # 85205

$ 3,075.00

The WACP-1 and WACP-2 have raised the bar on what is possible in underwater optics. They offer the maximum in image quality with the widest angle of view available in a rectilinear lens.  Nauticam is now excited to release the next iteration of WACP, the WACP-C.  The Wide Angle Conversion Port Compact (WACP-C) is a fraction of the weight and size when compared to the WACP-1 and WACP-2.  When looking at volume, the WACP-C is approximately 37% smaller than WACP-1 and 75% smaller than WACP-2. 

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 100m
Outer Diameter x Length DIA 170mm x 145.5mm
Weight (in air) 2.24 kg
Buoyancy (in water) Negative 0.1 kg
Body Construction Hard-anodized Aluminum Alloy
Lens Construction 6 Elements in 5 Groups
Lens Coating Anti-reflective on both sides
Port Mount N100
Depth Rating 100m
Focus Range Front element to infinity

Images Taken With N100 0.36x Compact Wide Angle Conversion Port (WACP-C)

Introducing N100 0.36x Compact Wide Angle Conversion Port (WACP-C)

Nauticam Wide Angle Conversion Port Compact (WACP-C)

Like the WACP-1 and WACP-2, the WACP-C is a dry mount lens design, functioning as both a port and optical lens. It is optimized to work with professional camera lenses up to a full-frame equivalent focal length of 28mm and offers an amazing 130° angle of view.  The WACP-C can focus as close as the front element and captures images with minimal distortion.

A wide variety of lenses are supported, both primes and zooms for a variety of cameras. Please check the WACP-C PORT CHART for supported lenses and suggested configurations as some lenses will require extension rings or adapters.


This image from Alex Mustard was shot with the Nikon 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D and WACP-C. 

Similar to WACP-1, the WACP-C greatly improves the overall image sharpness.  The WACP-C will provide approximately 3 f-stops of increased corner sharpness when compared to traditional wide rectilinear lenses with a similar field of view behind a dome port.  This means being able to achieve about the same corner sharpness with WACP-C at f/5.6 that you could achieve with your rectilinear lens behind a dome port a f/16.  As a point of comparison, WACP-1 provides approximately 4 f-stops of increased corner sharpness.  


This image from Alex Mustard was shot with the Nikon 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D and WACP-C

The WACP-C's zoom-through capability means the underwater filmmaker or photographer can capture astonishing wide, medium and close-up shots all with one lens while maintaining optimum optical and close-focus performance. Take for instance the Sony 28-60mm f/4-5.6 lens which receives a field-of-view range of 69º to 130º with the WACP-C. This lens allows for acquisition of more dynamic content on each and every dive without the need for a second camera.


This image from Alex Mustard was shot with the Nikon 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5D and WACP-C





WACP-C Port Chart

Comparison Charts:

In the Box:

  • WACP-C with integrated Float Collar
  • Hard lens cap
  • Rear lens cap
  • Padded carrying bag
  • 90141 Spare O-ring
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Lubricant