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N200 250mm Optical-Glass Wide-Angle Dome Port

N200 250mm Optical-Glass Wide-Angle Dome Port ~Deep Version - Depth Rated to 100m

Deep Version - Depth Rated to 100m

SKU # 16408

$ 5,178.00

Nauticam optical-glass dome ports are finely ground to the highest standard of precision and represent the state of the art in both manufacturing and optical technology. Different size ports are available to support a wide variety of lenses and housing types. Port extensions or adapters may be necessary for some ports and housings. This optical-glass wide-angle port has a diameter of 250mm and is part of the N120 port system.

This version is a more “heavy duty” variant of SKU #16405 the N200 Optical-Glass Wide-Angle Dome Port (45m) designed to support deeper depths with a limit of 100m. The original design is also lighter weight and less expensive.

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 100m
Port System N200
Port Opening Diameter
Port Diameter 250mm
Body Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Port Material Optical Glass
Port Coating Multi-layer Broad-band Anti-reflective Coating Inside
Port Shade Material
Removable Port Shade
Spare O-ring

Introducing N200 250mm Optical-Glass Wide-Angle Dome Port


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