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EMWL Angled Relay Lens

SKU # 87212

$ 4,129.00

The specialized 'EMWL Angled Relay Lens' is part of the EMWL system that sits between the focus unit and the objective lenses.  This replaces the standard relay lens and allows for using objective lenses at an angle which can help with subjects that may be difficult to reach circumstances or for creating unique perspectives.

Technical Specs

 Dimensions 250mm(W) x 91mm(H) x 54mm(D)
Weight in Air 1.05kg
Weight in Water (+)/pos. 0.5kg
Depth Rating 150m

Introducing EMWL Angled Relay Lens

Instruction Manual

 What's In The Box:

  • Front & rear rubber lens caps
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Manual instruction card
  • Padded travel bag




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EMWL: A New Perspective by Mike Bartick