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Wet Lens Mounting Options

Wet lenses have changed how and what we can shoot underwater. We now have the option to shoot everything from super-macro to ultra-wide, often on the same dive. In this article we take a look at the different mounting options available for wet lenses that help make the transition between optics effortless while insuring secure mounting and proper lens alignment.

 M67 Double Flip Holders with SMC-1 and SMC-2

Flip Holders

Flip holders are extremely convenient and are an excellent choice when using one or two macro lens like the CMC-1 and CMC-2 or the SMC-1 and SMC-2.  Reinforced single and double flip holders are also available for the MWL-1.  When using the double flip, the MWL-1 Macro Wide Angle Lens can be exchanged quickly for the CMC-1 or both can be flipped out of the way to use the original 60mm lens by itself. Flip holders are available for most Nauticam interchangeable macro ports and compact housings. M67 and M77 flip holders feature adjustable positioning pins that prevent the assembly from rotating on the front of the port.  The lenses are placed at the optimum position relative to the port and are held in place by a secure locking mechanism that can be quickly released with the easy to reach tab.  

  Double Flip Holder for MWL-1 with MWL-1 and SMC-2

Bayonet Mounts

The Nauticam Bayonet Mount is the most versatile, working with all of the Nauticam wet-mount optics. Lenses are fitted with Bayonet Mount Adapters that mate with the Port Adapter that is secured to the front of the flat port with a custom lightweight tool. The lenses lock into place with a simple clockwise quarter turn and can be removed just as easy by depressing the release tab and turning the optic anti-clockwise a quarter turn. Bayonet mounts allow for clean unobstructed strobe positioning close to the port with or without the accessory lens attached.  The Bayonet Mount Converter attaches to the port and is available in several sizes based on the threading of the port. There are also several compact ports with built in converters. There was an update to the design with the release of the WWL-C and the new adapters feature the Bayonet Mount II designation. The updated mounts are easily distinguished by a blue release button compared to the legacy versions that have a red release button. The WWL-C and future lenses will require the updated converter. All older lenses with integrated Bayonet Mounts as well as removable mounts are compatible with the new style. The second part of the Bayonet system is the Bayonet Mounting Ring which attaches to the optic. This comes preinstalled on the WWL-1 and MWL-1 and is integrated into the WWL-C and EMWL optics. To use an SMC or CMC series lens with the Bayonet Mount system you will need a Bayonet Mount Adapter (83214) into which the lens is threaded. Storage of the removed lenses, such as switching between a CMC and the WWL-1 can be attached to a Bayonet Mount Holder.  These come in various forms for attachment to standard or carbon float arms.

 M67 Bayonet Mount Converter II with EMWL

M67 Direct Mounting

The WWL-1, SMC and CMC lenses can be threaded directly or with an adapter to some M67 ports. It is a good idea to burp your wet lenses after you enter the water to dislodge any air bubbles between the port and lens. If you decide on direct mounting, make sure you are comfortable removing and attaching the lens underwater.

  Bayonet Mount Converter, CMC-2 with Bayonet Mount Adapter and WWL-1

Wet lenses offer us more creative shooting options on a single dive. Having the right mounting solution can help you switch between setups with ease.