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Housing for Sony A5000

Nauticam is pleased to announce the NA-A5000 underwater camera housing for the new Sony A5000 mirrorless camera. The value represented by this camera system for underwater shooters is unprecedented… camera with lens plus rugged aluminum housing and port for right around $2000. Why settle for compact camera performance when a 20 megapixel interchangeable lens system is available that is every bit as compact as the compact?
The Sony A5000
The Sony Alpha A5000, when coupled with the versatile 16-50mm retractable power zoom kit lens, is one of the smallest and lightest mirrorless camera systems ever made. Despite it’s small size and weight (with camera tipping the scales at a an amazing 269g/9oz including battery and card!), the A5000 is not short on features, including a 20 megapixel APS-C sized sensor (same size as found in many DSLRs), 25 point fast autofocus, tilting 3” LCD monitor, built in popup flash, WiFi, full HD video recording, and much more. The menu system has been refined; the controls are easy to use and menus are logical with just the right amount of options for most people. The 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Retractable Zoom Lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 24-75mm, covering wide angle to fish portrait perspectives to maximize usability. It features Sony’s Optical SteadyShot image stabilization to help reduce the appearance of camera shake by up to four stops. One new feature of this camera that most of the camera press does not report, is the addition of a zoom lever on the camera itself, which is able to operate power zoom lenses like the 16-50mm. What this means is that no zoom gear or special port is required to operate the zoom, further lessening the overall cost of the system for underwater use. Nothing to prep on the camera; it can go from pocket to housing in seconds. Compact shooters will feel right at home with this rig!
Nauticam NA-A5000
The NA-A5000 is the product of continued refinement of the Nauticam mirrorless camera housings. A5000 is the great grandchild of the Sony NEX-5, which was the first mirrorless camera supported by Nauticam, and the first successful interchangeable lens mirrorless camera system for underwater. Nauticam is well known for it’s innovative and ergonomic housing designs, and those traits are fully evident in the NA-A5000. The housing is very comfortable in the hand, and all controls are easily reached. The housing gains the new style port locking mechanism, which will be familiar to people who have seen Nauticam SLR housings. This style locking lever made it’s mirrorless debut with the Nauticam NA-EM1 housing, and is an iconic symbol of Nauticam innovation. The new lock makes port changes quick, easy and as secure as ever. The NA-A5000 comes standard with the Nauticam vacuum system electronic built in. By default, it serves as a audible and visual leak detector, but add a Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve, (p/n# 25611) and it becomes a vacuum check system - early warning for any problem with watertight integrity - which means peace of mind when shooting underwater. Milled from solid aluminum, the housing is rated to 100m/330ft depth, and is rugged and ready for use!
Lenses and Ports
The incredible value of this camera + kit lens will lead it to be the choice of many people over existing compact systems. The 16-50mm lens is quite versatile, and may be the only lens some people ever need. However, unlike with a compact system that does not allow lens changes, the A5000 supports a wide range of Sony and Zeiss lenses that are ideal for any shooting situation, including underwater use. Nauticam supports all of the Sony and Zeiss lenses that are suitable for underwater use. Lenses like the Sony E 16mm F2.8 Pancake lens, either with or without the VCLECF1 fisheye conversion lens, or the Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS allow for full wide angle coverage, and a choice between fisheye and rectilinear. Sony produces the E 30mm F3.5 Macro lens for fish portrait and lightweight macro use. For hardcore macro enthusiasts, Nauticam and Zen Underwater support the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lenses via the Metabones adapters. The Carl Zeiss Touit 2.8/12mm lens is one of the finest wide angle lenses available, and is supported via a Zen Underwater adapter and dome port. And, Zeiss is just about to release the Zeiss Touit 2.8/50M macro lens, which will be supported by a Nauticam port, for true 1:1 macro in a native E mount lens. The Nauticam Super Macro converter is an ideal add on for macro enthusiasts, providing reproduction much greater than life size with minimal distortion and aberration.
Key NA-A5000 Features:
Signature Nauticam Port Locking System 
The iconic red locking lever is right at home on the NA-A5000; lens/port changes made quick, easy and secure. 
Vacuum System:
The integrated vacuum check and leak detection system adds extra assurance of watertight integrity. Use it without an optional vacuum valve and it serves as a audible/visual water ingress detector. Add the vacuum valve, and get watertight integrity indication via a color coded LED light. 
On Camera Zoom Lever:
New is this class of camera, the convenient zoom control on the camera means no zoom gear needed for the 16-50mm power zoom lens. 
Locking Latch:
The locking latch, proven in use with thousands of housings, is secure and easy to use. 
Ergonomic Controls: 
Controls on the housing are designed with shooting in mind, and each control is clearly labeled.
LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment
Compact camera systems utilize close focus vision, and the accessory Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment (p/n# 25106) can be extremely advantageous for clearly viewing fine focus and camera display info. The LCD Magnifier also provides generous sun shading, making the camera’s lcd screen much easier to see in bright sunlight. Attachment rails (p/n# 25130) are required to mount the LCD Magnifier.
Optional Rubberized Ergonomic Handles
The optional Nauticam Flexitray or Easitray provide a lightweight, compact mounting solution for strobe arms and the NA-A5000 housing. Nauticam uses a sophisticated over-mold process to produce extremely comfortable rubberized ergonomic hand grips. The soft feel and comfortable design make the housing easy to grip and minimize hand fatigue on long dives. Both single and double handle configurations are available for complete customization, and each handle can be adjusted laterally allowing the user to dial in perfect fit.
Flash Connectors for Inon S-TTL, and Sea&Sea DS-TTL
Reliable automatic flash exposure is available with the NA-A5000 and a variety of optically fired flashes. The Inon Z-240, D-2000, S-2000, Sea & Sea YS-01 and YS-D1 strobes provide automated lighting, precisely reproducing the camera’s onboard flash at a proportionally greater intensity. This system yields accurate automatic TTL flash performance – even in manual mode - with no electrical sync cables to flood! The NA-A5000 comes fiber optic ready and accepts standard Sea & Sea style bushing connections. Nauticam Fiber Optic cables, available for both Inon and Sea&Sea strobes, provide the best light transmission and therefore more accurate TTL of any fiber optic cable on the market. Strobes can be attached to the housing via optional strobe mounting balls secured to the handles of the Nauticam accessory tray systems or a single strobe mounting ball location on the housing. The housing also features a cold-shoe mount for a focus light or other accessory mounting options.
Nauticam Build Quality
Only the finest materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes are used to make Nauticam housings. The housing body is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum, then hard anodized making it impervious to salt water and provides an impressive 100 meter depth rating. The large acrylic LCD window is treated with an anti-reflective, scratch resistant coating.