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GH4 in the NA-GH3 Housing - Upgrade Kit

The amazing new Panasonic GH4 is now shipping, and there is quite a lot of excitement about this camera. It is capable of recording 4k 30fps video internally, and can capture up to 96fps at 1080p for slow motion clips. We'll have more about this camera, and an upcoming housing made specifically for the camera, soon. 

Owners of existing NA-GH3 housings are in luck if they want to upgrade. Nauticam is releasing an upgrade kit to the NA-GH3 to accommodate the GH4 camera. The upgrade kit is user installable, and will begin shipping to dealers by the end of the month. 

For a sneak peak at some GH4 video underwater, click here.

To order, contact your authorized Nauticam dealer.