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First Day with the Canon EOS 5DS R

I'm here at the 2015 Digital Shootout and have my hands on the 5DSR, the new 50 megapixel SLR from Canon. Here are some sample shots (click on any of the images below for a larger "lightbox" view):

Whip coral shrimp, at 50 Megapixels. Click on the image for a larger view.

Same image as above, cropped. This is still a 20 megapixel image.

Flamingo tongue very close, using the SMC multiplier.

Closeup of tiny Sargent Major eggs, using SMC multiplier. Each egg is about 0.5mm across, or about 0.9mm tall.

Very tight crop of the above image. This should be close to 1:1 on most monitors if you click on the image. More about this amazing camera coming soon.