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Canon S110 - Take it Anywhere!

The Canon S110, in the Nauticam NA-S110 Housing, is the perfect size to take anywhere.... the pool, the beach, the mountains, and on your next dive trip.

The NA-S110 housing is so compact that camera and housing together are smaller than many other cameras alone. In the hand, it feels like a camera. 

This is the perfect beach cam.... small and unobtrusive... yet the S110 is one of the most capable compact cameras available, with RAW image capture, full manual control, and HD video capture with Canon's legendary white balance. 

Shutter lag? While other point&shoot cameras suffer from the dreaded shutter lag, the S110 is comparatively zippy. By shooting in manual exposure mode and with manual focus, action shots like this are a point and click away.

This image was shot with RAW mode on the S110, and was processed using one of Adobe Lightroom's black and white presets. S110 RAW files have significant headroom for post processing, meaning you can add whatever artistic embellishments to make your photos look like you want them to look. 

Why stop at the beach? The NA-S110 is small enough to go into any carry-on luggage or backpack, so you can take it anywhere. 

The NA-S110 can brave the icy waters of this Rocky Mountain stream in February. You might want to bring some neoprene gloves with you. 

Having a camera/housing this small, yet this capable, opens up a lot of possibilities for your photos. 

The NA-S110 shines underwater too. By adding an external strobe, the photographer is able to balance the ambient light with the strobe light to capture an image like this. The S110's TTL combined with an Inon S-2000 or a Sea& Sea YS-01 make it not only possible but easy. 

One key thing for getting quality underwater images is getting close to the subject to reduce the amount of water between subject and camera. By adding a wide angle wet lens like the FIX UWL-28 or the Inon UWL-H100, the shooter can get really, really, close to the subject. Just keep those fingers away from the teeth. 

Inon shared some video from S110 on YouTube. This is shot with the Inon UWL-H100 with the Dome Unit for that lens. Note that this is ambient light video - no additional lighting - made possible by the excellent Canon custom white balance capability.

The S110 excels at macro, especially with an external close up lens like the Inon UCL-165, or the SubSee +5 or +10.


Very capable. Very small. The Canon S110 in the Nauticam NA-S110 housing. Take it anywhere!