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Announcing the NA-550D housing

The newest member of the Canon DSLR lineup boasts an impressive number of advanced features at a price that is more in line with an entry level camera. Depending on where you are located, this camera is known as the Canon Digital Rebel T2i (North America), Kiss X4 Digital (Japan) or the Canon EOS 550D (worldwide). With its 18 megapixel sensor and 1080p HD video with manual control, some pundits have called it a baby 7D. 

Nauticam 550D Housing

Call it what you will, this camera is now ready to go exploring the underwater world! We are proud to announce the imminent arrival of the NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i. The NA-550D housing inherits the renowned piano keys from NA-7D housing, patented Nauticam port locking system, comfortable rubberized handles, and innovative ergonomic access to key camera controls. New features include locking housing latches, lens release lever, a fingertip ISO paddle, and access to the camera's playback button from the left handle.

Nauticam NA-550D, front view

In keeping with the Nauticam philosophy, the NA-550D housing continues to innovate while building on previous success. Notable examples are the AV+/- switch, new fingertip paddle on the top of the housing to allow easy access to ISO control, a unique rocker lever for easy access to the star (*) and focus point selector buttons, and a piano key for accessing the quick control button. 

The playback button is moved out to a lever on the left side of the housing accessed from the handle by the user's thumb. All of these controls are designed to allow the underwater photographer complete access to the camera's important functions without removing their hands from the handles. AV +/- is a pushbutton on the back of the camera body that must be held down while rotating a command wheel to change F-Stop in Manual Exposure Mode. The Nauticam AV +/- switch brings this control to the right side of the housing, easily accessed from the handle. This two position switch has a position for adjusting f-stop, and a position for adjusting shutter speed, eliminating the press and hold or long reaches required by other housings. The fingertip ISO paddle is designed with video shooters in mind, allowing quick exposure changes from the handle.

Nauticam 550D housing, rear view

Another innovative ergonomic advancement is Nauticam's new two stage shutter release lever. This mechanical lever greatly enhances tactile feel of the half press and full press positions of the shutter release button, allowing precise focus control, and less accidental shutter actuation.

New, easy to use locking latches eliminate the stainless steel latches used previously. This new closure method reduces overall size and is easier to operate. These locking latches are easy to close with minimal hand strength required, and protected from accidental opening by a locking detent. A lens release button is offered as standard equipment, allowing lens changes while a zoom gear is attached without opening the housing back.

NA-550D next to NA-7DNA-550D housing is the smallest housing in the Nauticam lineup, which should appeal to anyone concerned with the large size of some DSLR housings. This housing can still accommodate the same accessories as all other Nauticam housings, allowing use of an extensive line of lenses, ports, port adapters, lens gears, and viewfinders. 


Nauticam 550D, open

In short, we think the new Canon T2i and the NA-550D make for a compelling combo. Available soon from any of our dealers

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