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Hello, My Name is Miranda Johnson

Hello, my name is Miranda Johnson and I had the great pleasure of getting to use Nauticam USA's demo equipment during the Digital Shootout 2011 in Bonaire.

First let me start by saying that I am very new to underwater photography, and scuba diving for that matter. I was just certified at the end of April 2011, and when we arrived in Bonaire ( in June 2011) I had never even done a single dive in the ocean yet.

During my first dive all I had to photograph with was a hand me down point and shoot camera that my dad loaned me, and trust me, the pictures were nothing to brag about one bit. The next day I signed up to use Nauticam's underwater housing for the Canon T2i, and I was amazed at what a difference there was in picture quality!

I chose to use the T2i because it was very similiar to the camera I had at home (Canon Rebel XTi), and since I haven't quite mastered my bouyancy control underwater, I wanted something as easy as I could get. To be honest, when I first saw all of the underwater housings and equipment, I was quite intimidated, but Chris at Nauticam showed me where everything was located and after that it was quite simple to use and change the settings to where I wanted them to be. After that first dive with the camera I was hooked!

-- Editor's Note: One thing Miranda modestly failed to mention - the above image won 2nd place in the NightSea category. Well done! Thank you Miranda - excellent work!