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Ever Bio Cosmetics - AngelikA Fürstler & Julie Gautier

Underwater Project with Julie Gautier for Ever Cosmetics

By: AngelikA Fürstler


I have always dreamed of being part of underwater productions for films, music videos & conscious brands that resonate with my personal values and make a positive difference in this world!


We all can thrive without exploiting animals, human beings or nature.
Abundance is our natural state.
And this is what I love about this entire project!
It´s co-creation at its best!

So where did it all start?

I was just in Cap Ferret when the amazing Julie Gautier-Nery (film director, underwater camera superwoman & amazing creative genius) gave me a call and told me about her next underwater production project. She has realised a couple of really stunning underwater projects like “Free Fall” with her husband Guillaume Nery, “Naughty Boy – Runnin´ (Lose it All) ft. Beyoncé” and recently her new short film “AMA”  and many more.
When Julie told me that the production she asked me to do with her is for an all vegan, organic, eco friendly skincare brand (yes….with real ethical values) I got sparkles in my eyes… yes of course I am in. Let´s make this happen! I have been working as a professional underwater model for a whileand this is exactly where I want it to go! Artistic contribution for something that matters! This is a dream come true.


Long story short

An amazing team of co-creators (film team, safety divers, makeup-artist, wardrobe- creator/stylist, photographers, journalists, etc. )  came together to make all of this happen!
With little time,  fantastic improvisation & pro execution everybody gave their best! It was a firework of creativity, emotions, compassion and simply love… magic was in the air… and of course underwater.


The icing on the cake?

Fashion Photographer Hugo Richard joined us underwater to take breath-taking behind-the-scenes photos for the major Magazine “Marie Claire”  where the journalist Catherine Castro wrote a feature story about Julie Gautier as well as Anne Maury (her friend & safety diver), Alice Modolo (Vice World Champion in Freediving) & me.


Back to the production

The underwater shooting took place close to my home in Cap D´Antibes, South of France around 6-7 metres underwater.  The conditions were rough with lots of wind as well as rain just when we were about to enter the water. Fortunately all worked out well and after half-day preparation and around 40+ minutes filming underwater we called it a wrap.


Takeaway from this story?

Go for what you feel is right in your heart! No matter how “different” your dreams and ideas are… follow them– they lead you to the right place. Believe in yourself and believe in your dream!
“Where you feel fully alive & fulfilled is where you belong”
AngelikA Fürstler


And here is the final video 


With all my love & gratitude!

Thanks again to the entire team & supporters!

Film-Maker & Director: Julie Gautier
Brand: EverBio Cosmetics, Suzanne Samama
Model: AngelikA Fürstler
Photographer (Marie Claire): Ugo Richard
Journalist (Marie Claire): Catherine Castro
Magazine: Marie Claire
Make-Up Artist: Amandine Baron
Safety Diver: Sauveur
Wardrobe Creator & Stylist: Tatiana
Post Production/Editing: Almo Films
Musik: Mina
Thanks to our supporters:
Elios, Breier, Nauticam, Cressi


Evening Celebration Picknick with the whole team & more free divers in Villefranche-sur-Mer