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Day 3 - Digital Shootout 2011 Bonaire

Coverage of the Digital Shootout

Nauticam USA is proud to be a premier sponsor of the Digital Shootout 2011 in Bonaire. This is the third installment of our daily coverage of the shootout. 

Nauticam Gear Headquarters for the DSO

Demo gear use started in earnest today, and we handed out a nice assortment of Nauticam gear for people to try. The LX5 is probably the most popular so far and deservedly so - it's a really capable little camera. Jim Decker took one out along with an Inon UWL-H100 M67 Type2 wet lens, and got some excellent shots; shots that really were not even possible with compact cameras from just two years ago. Of course, he was helped greatly by using a great model underwater - yours truly. Ha! Kidding! I told him it wasn't the camera nor his skill that accounted for the excellent sunball in that shot - it was me eclipsing the sun for him. 

Jim with the LX5 fully kitted

We had another great group on the boat today, including two shooters who have brand new Nauticam gear. Sako is sporting a Nauticam NA-D7000 with 180º viewfinder. She's got some Inon Z-240 strobes and a never ending string of questions - which I am more than happy to try to answer - being here to answer questions is my excuse for being here, and I am sticking with that story. Mike is rocking a Canon Rebel T2i in a Nauticam NA-550D housing. He's also got the 180º viewfinder and the Z-240's. Mike was going to town with his rig today - shooting it in manual for the first time. After about an hour and twenty minutes into our second dive, Mike was still banging away. Everyone else was out of the water, so I had to go back in and rap him over the head to get him to surface. Don't get between me and lunch!

Did I mention the baitball?

We also got to see the as yet unreleased Light&Motion Sola 4000's in use. Dan from L&M was shooting some video with some prototype 4000's, and was kind enough to model for me above a great little yellow frogfish.