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Yoshi Hirata

Born in Tokyo in 1955. At the age of 18 he started diving at the same time as entering the University of Hawaii at the same time and started diving for 44 years
until now, and continues to dive everyday beyond 26000 dives.

Since 1993, we opened a diving service under the name Pcom in Mabul Island SWV in Malaysia, 10 years, moved to Sevemaktan Island in 2003 and continued work under the
name Pcom Dream.  After school, ecological behavior studies are also strongly interested and enthusiastically to work on.  The biggest difference, unlike other photographers, is not
to run around the world, but it is that they want to contact the same organisms in the same environment everyday in one place.  It is not enough that you can judge the living
history of living things once or twice, not deeply enough, even if you try to learn about only this narrow area, it is still not enough for one life.  He is willingly active in lectures
at universities and conventions in Asian countries to understand the living things and tell his knowledge to many people.  At the same time as it is one aspect
as a researcher, his heart has been deprived of many aspects of art from my childhood.

Expression of beauty has infinite spread,expanding by admitting it, you can reach deeper. The flexibility of the recipient side is indispensable for understanding the behavior
of living creatures, and these are factors that science and art are said to be similar. He is passionate about both marine life ecology researcher and underwater art photographer.
Always change your appearance Nevertheless still be beautiful Do not make your own limits of expression and fix it. There is universal beauty, but at the same time, not
only the beauty that is present is more There must be another beauty that changed shape. I have worked on one theme throughout the year. It will be the tenth year
this year. Every year's effort to destroy the style and seek a new style seems to result in no results so far, Experience has led me, now I am on that experience.
For the past 30 years I have been working on the underwater world by all of me, so I am fully aware that there are a lot of people struggling around.  I especially thank my wife
who understands my passion and keeps supporting it and many people who support me.  Although it is still a way to continue, I'd like to continue to devote my way to support
you from now on.

According to Yoshi, he has learned many things from the ocean and have grown up.  Sometimes it seemed to be apt to break in sufferings that did not result, but when you are looking at
living creatures that do not translate well or escape nature and strength came. He has been asked how he found such a subject.   He wasnot looking for the subject but he
worried about how to tell the third person how he met the subject he met.  He likes cooking, but rather than deciding the menu from the beginning, how to make the ingredients
he encountered, deliciously put the people on the table with smiles he think he can see it.  Even if photos are chasing after the same thing and unusual creatures sensibility is not
polished.  It is more important than anything to worry about how you can express better under these conditions and it will lead to growth.