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Sirachai "Shin" Arunrugstichai

Sirachai "Shin" Arunrugstichai is an independent photojournalist, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Trained as a marine biologist, Shin studied community-based coral reef restoration and shark fisheries. But after witnessing detrimental changes in the marine environment that he loves, he shifted his career toward conservation photojournalism. It becomes his purpose to tell the stories of our intertwining relationships with the oceans, so as the natural wonders that remain and need protection.


Shin mainly works with conservation organizations, including IUCN, Save Our Seas Foundation, WildAid, Ocean Conservancy. and also photographs news for Getty Images as a stringer. His images have been published by National Geographic, the Smithsonian, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Guardian, amongst others.

shin,nauticam ambassador

Shin is a National Geographic Explorer, an Associated Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, one of the 6x6 Global Talent Program by World Press Photo, and listed among the PDN’s 30 2019. He gave TEDx talks on marine conservation photography for Bangkok in 2017, and Hong Kong in 2021. His photographs were awarded in multiple international competitions.


Although his focus is now on conservation photojournalism, he is still active within the scientific community, where he regularly collaborates on sharks and rays research in the Southeast Asia region, which he calls home.