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Kévin Peyrusse

Kevin Peyrusse is a young wildlife cinematographer. Born in 1988, he discovered scuba diving when he was 12, became passionate about freediving as a teenager and has been pushing the limits of time, depth and silence with the use of the rebreather since 2014.


Always passionate about the complexity and richness of marine ecosystems, he first studied marine biology and worked on coral fish larvae in Polynesia, before becoming, over the years, a professional underwater cinematographer and a wildlife film director.


Why switching from the microscope to a camera? Kévin is convinced that the beauty revealed by the images attracts the eye, arouses curiosity and helps to better understand, becoming a very effective tool for science communication and raising awareness of the dire straits of the natural world.

On the field, he loves feeling all his senses awakening and be torn between the feeling of fear and excitement that come from these intense animal encounters.

He aims to melt with the environment, observe without disturbing, to better understand wild behaviours and capture these moments through his camera.


His first independent movie Eqalusuaq – On the trail of the Hidden Predators, followed the adventure in Alaska of two free divers and photographers looking for salmon sharks and big predators like orcas, sea lions or brown bears fishing salmons.

After presenting Eqalusuaq in different film festivals and winning several prices, Kevin has had the chance and the pleasure to work for the major international documentary channels (Arte, National Geographic, BBC) and some prestigious recent diving expeditions, from the cool waters of the Arctic to incredibly biodiverse tropical waters (Under The Pole, Gombessa).


As a professional cameraman, he is constantly looking for efficient and effective tools in order to improve the quality and originality of his shots. Rebreather allows him to  meet animals down to 120m, but it is above all his camera and its housing that allow him to bring back a testimony of it.

During the different professional shootings, Kevin has tried many competing housing brands, but since the beginning, it is Nauticam with whom he has equipped all his personal professional cameras. For him, Nauticam remains the only one to offer the possibility of using different brands of video and photo cameras with the same set of domes. What is more, it also allows mounting lenses on cameras of different brands while keeping all the necessary settings, an essential point when using several RIG configurations during a remote expedition.

Taking the time on the field of observing to understand, of exploring to marvel and of valuing to pass on. These are the values that inspire Kevin in the realization of its visual projects.



Instagram: kevinpeyrusse


Video links with Nauticam partnership mention:

Eqalusuaq – Trailer:

Malpelo Meet The Giant: