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Peter Rowlands

Peter Rowlands is the publisher of Underwater Photography magazine which was the first ever online pdf magazine launched in August 2001. It now has nearly 10,000 subscribers worldwide and each bi-monthly issue is eagerly awaited in the underwater photography world.

NA-GX7 & Nauticam WWL-1 Lens Showreel from Nauticam on Vimeo.

Peter Rowlands is a Nauticam G7X and NA-GH2 housing user, here is his testimonial about us.

“Having been involved in importing and retailing underwater photography equipment from the mid 70’s to 90’s I come from the film era when camera models would be current for at least 3 years and news of a new model would not be released until the same day as the camera was available! Nowadays models are current for far less time and details of new models are leaked months in advance; making the market much more volatile for an underwater housing manufacturer.

Back in the film days housings were made from cast aluminium which were then machined to take controls. Typical gestation time from camera announcement to production housings was rarely less than 6 months. A couple of years ago I took a particular shining to the Panasonic GX7 and, unusually for me, I bought one before knowing if there would be any housings made for it. I bought it about a month before the DEMA show and was amazed to see a housing for my new camera on the Nauticam stand! I looked at the housing and congratulated Edward and Nauticam team on how quickly they had produced such a nice housing; one month was a far cry from the six month wait for a film camera housing. “One month?” they both said in unison, “We didn’t get the camera until two weeks ago!”. Needless to say I bought their housing and have enjoyed trouble-free use from it for nearly two years.

There can be no denying that Nauticam, in a very short space of time, have produced an amazing array of quality housings and accessories and they are nearly always ‘first to market’ with a new model but more importantly each new housing is a step forward in terms of form and function because they listen to the feedback from experienced underwater photographers (and they are active shooters themselves) so, as a result, they just get better and better.

As a video user I am being tormented by the stunning quality 4K video underwater and, if I ever succumb to temptation, it will be to Nauticam that I will turn to for a housing.”