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Martin Steinmeier

Martin Steinmeier born (1980) and living with his family in Karlsruhe , Southwest of Germany

Equipment: Nauticam housings and accessories, different strobes mainly Inon, actionscams (GoPro, Actionpro)

  • Can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you got started taking underwater photos/video

    I started diving in 2005 and a camera was my buddy since I finished my Open water course. The underwater world is fascinating and because I am the only diver in my family,  I try to give them an inspiration what I see during my dives. After a few years the behavior has changed and I go diving to make pictures. I cant remember my last dive without a camera.The water is one of the last free places of the world and for the most part undetected – Perfect to make pictures ! On the basis of my experiences in the first years I decided to create my own beginner underwater photography courses with different dive shops. In the last years I had talks about dive locations or techniques with UW-Fotopartner ( and Nauticam. You can find or see my pictures at different photo contests. 

  • What gear have you used in the past 

Since the first dive i use Canon cameras and i started with a small compact camera – The Canon Powershot A75. 

From this point onwards it became bigger and  bigger. With various accessories like a flash, wetlenses, handle, etc. and different housings up to the first DSLR.

  • What system are you using now  / What do you like about it 

I am using a Canon EOS 7D Mark II in a Nauticam housing and I love the haptic of my system. It is flexible to use and I never had an insoluble restriction. My favorite style is macro and I am using different ports with adapters for lenses (Canon or LAOWA macro lenses), wetlenses, extension rings or teleconverter.

Because of my technical passsion it was a challenge to find the right housing ! I am always playing with UW Photo stuff and sometimes I built something special.

  • Tell us a bit about the kinds of diving you do, favorite locations, etc 

            In recent years I have mainly dived at macro dive sites. My favorite dive location is the Lembeh Strait with the NAD Lembeh Resort ( – Short trips, great team and incredible critters. 

            Now it is time to use a little bit more the big or mini Dome on my nauticam housing to make more Wideangle pictures.