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Marcello Di Francesco

Born in La Spezia in 1975, Marcello is a scuba diving instructor that specializes in underwater photography as well as a travel addict.

In over 10 years he has logged thousands of dives all around the world. He started with photography in 2009 with a small Canon compact camera and slowly moved up to a bigger DSLR setup.

Marcello shoots both the Canon 5DMKIII and 7DMKII, both in Nauticam housings. In the past several years he’s participated in many photo contests, earning both prizes and placements in some of the world’s top events. Furthermore, he’s frequently collaborating with both dive magazines and tour operators.

Since 2013 he’s been a member of “Nauticam Italy Image team”, comprised of some of the best Italian underwater photographers that share their passion using Nauticam gear.

Together with other top Italian shooters, in 2014 he founded the IUPS – Italian Underwater Photography Society , with a mission to promote the photographic culture of Italian underwater imaging.