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Lee Burghard

Lee is an award winning underwater filmmaker and works as an equipment specialist for Reef Photo & Video. He owns and operates Wild Shutter Imaging, a small production company based in South Florida that specializes in filming underwater wildlife and marine habitats for a variety of documentary, short film, and commercial projects.

His opinion is that this type of profession is all about continued growth and creativity and he looks at every new project and challenge as an opportunity to further enhance his skills.  His willingness to learn and drive to excel within this field has brought him to where he is today.

Video's By Lee

Adventure is Calling from Lee Burghard on Vimeo.

Paradise Found : Cenotes of the Riviera Maya from Lee Burghard on Vimeo.

Paradise Found: King of the Everglades from Lee Burghard on Vimeo.

Paradise Found: Moments from Tiger Beach from Lee Burghard on Vimeo

Paradise Found: The Gentle Giants of Isla Mujures from Lee Burghard on Vimeo.