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Harry Fayt

Born in Charleroi, Belgium, Harry Fayt graduated in advertising photography in 1998. He then followed a career path that led him to portraiture. Initially he photographed musicians, studying the physiognomy of emotions. He then turned to family photography. Photographing baby swimmers was his rite of passage to the other world, that of underwater photography. In 2012, when he met singer-songwriter Typh Barrow, he returned to his first love, the artist’s portrait… underwater. Enriched by this singularity, he embarked on a multitude of experiments that have led him to create new images. He likes to push back the boundaries of a world he has invented for himself, always with the same objective: to question, to astonish, to broaden the field of possibilities.


In September 2023, he was awarded the Medal of Merit of Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, a decoration that honours people who have made Wallonia shine through their actions.

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