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Hsu-Hu Yuan

Hsu-Hu Yuan was born in Taipei in 1972.  With the major in classical ballet in the early days, he performed for many Taiwanese dance groups, including the National Theatre Academy before the age of 18.  He has joined the film production industry since 1991, starting with the role of the assistant and producers for three advertisement directors to producer for Channel V.  In 1998, he became a music video director, filming for singers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  He also learned diving in 2000. Following the career as a music video director, he became a freelance director for various commercial advertisement in 2002.  He produced his first feature film "Haga-Paris" in 2010.  This documentary on aboriginal culture was premiered in Nan-Ao in 2011.

He formed a professional underwater cinematography in 2010.  As the underwater director and cinematographer, he and his team filmed for many Taiwan and international movies.  In 2017, he produced his second feature film "Mermaid Whispering,"  which was won him six awards for best film, best director, best cinematography from domestic and international film festival.  Hsu-Hu Yuan is currently working and living in Taipei, preparing for his next feature film. 



2011 《HAGA-PARIS》documentary

2017 《Mermaid Whispering》Drama Movies

 TV COMMERCIAL — since 2003

TVC show reels include various brands from T.G.I Friday’s, Chunghwa Telecom, MaxFactor, Motorola,
Nokia, yam, Sapporo Beer, 7-11, IKEA etc.


Taiwan: For Sun Yanzi,SARS, Huilun Su
Hong Kong: For Ku Kui Kei (Leo), Gigi Leung Wing-kei,Jordan Chan Siu Chun,Daniel Chan
China: For Nan Sun, Bing Hu, Quan Yu
Japan: For Nana, Issei Miyake