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Claudia Peyer

Claudia Peyer, born 1969 in Switzerland had an early fascination for the seas when she was a child. Whenever there was a chance, she looked at the pictures and the films of Jacques Cousteau and she was dreaming of this magical world. But she had to be patient…. she was 18, when she saw the ocean the first time. Another 10 years later, 1999 she did her dive license and a few years later she started to make pictures underwater.

Beside the classical underwater photography, she was always very found of corals and the smallest things in the sea. As she also was a fan of art and architecture, she started as one of the first with reefart photography what means supermacro photography of corals. Claudia wants to show the beauty of nature but also stimulate the creativity of the people. With her label, she did several single exhibitions also in museums in Switzerland.

Over the years, she saw the changing of the underwater world because of pollution, climate change and other problems. Since 2016 she is working together with firstclimate. This company has many projects for alternative energy all over the world and organises also climate compensation.

With some of here actual projects, Claudia Peyer is working in the rivers of Switzerland. With her special kind of view, she shows new perspectives to the people. She demonstrates the consequences of industrial use of rivers and also the results of a successful renaturation. She is doing this work for the local government.

The Nauticam equipment is perfect for Claudia’s work. For the reefart pictures, the viewfinder is very helpful and the different magnification lenses show all the beautiful details of natural hidden things.

When Claudia is doing the riverart pictures, she needs very durable tools, the conditions in the rivers are rough for people and material. The reliability and the high quality of the housing and the glass ports (wide angle and fisheye) are perfect for the heavyduty use.

Claudia's exhibitions in Switzerland

(23 pictures exhibited for 2 month in the cultural comunity center of Kreuzlingen)

(A special exhibition for 1.5 month: wine and art at the Moevenpick Wine and Hotels)

for the release of the new Audi model, a special event cars and art

(For the release of the new Audi model, a special event cars and art)


First Nauticam Housing: 2012 (Olympus OMD-EM5)
Actual Cameras: Olympus OMD-EMD EM1X and OMD-EM1 II
Lenses: Macro 50 mm, Fisheye 8 mm, WW 7-14 mm, Zoom: 12 – 40 mm
Housing and Ports from Nauticam for both camera and all lenses.
Water contact optics: SMC-1, SMC-1 Multiplier, CMC-1

FB: @Claudia Peyer