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Chutinun Mora & Polpich Komson

Polpich Komson and Chutinun Mora are Thailand’s renowned underwater/wildlife photographer and videographer, also the owner of, which is an online community, where local divers share their stories, photos and videos. 


Polpich Komson was graduated in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University. While Chutinun Mora was graduated in Industrial Design from the same university.

They have won several photography and videography international awards, for example; Polpich Komson was selected as a National Winner from Sony World Photography 2017 awards. Chutinun Mora’s image was selected as commended from the same competition. Chutinun Mora was a winner of Videography categories in Nature’s Best Photography Asia 2016.

The couple’s bodies of work included;

• FiNS Magazine (2004-2006), a top-three underwater related magazine in Asia Pacific at the time.
(Polpich Komson was an associated publisher, photographer, and writer while Chutinun Mora
was a chief graphic designer.
• Television Documentary series, about underwater species aired in 2015 at ThaiPBS channel.
(Producing, Videography shooting, and editing).
• Underwater Related website and Facebook called (Administrator)
• Their photographs and videos have also been featured and used in many international and
national magazines, news, television programs, website, and etc.

Chutinun Mora is also a freelancer columnist for newspaper, and online medias.

Now, the couple is working on wildlife documentary projects i.e. feature documentary film, TV documentary series, and online clips, of which feature the beautiful nature of the Kingdom of Thailand.