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Chutinun Mora (Mean)

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Chutinun Mora (Mean) is an underwater journalist who has been in the industry for over 2 decades.
Starting her career as a graphic designer, Mean developed her creative eye and passion for visually interesting elements, both in her body of work and the natural world. Some years later, she decided to step away from the art and design space and embarked on exploring the world underwater. Mean moved to Phuket, one of Thailand’s diving meccas, to become a dive instructor to teach and educate fellow divers to dive responsibly.

She spends countless hours of her own time to understand the underwater world. Mean never takes her privilege for granted and feels honoured to be able to explore the ocean every single day. She is captivated by animal behaviour. For Mean, the reef is her playground and the critters are her best friends. She knows their daily routine, what and when they like to eat, and where they like to hang out.


Her wealth of knowledge and aesthetic senses are portrayed in her evocative storytelling. Mean has created a large body of work of both still and moving images, many of which have been published worldwide. Her peers also share a passion for her work, and as such, her work has received countless awards, both nationally and internationally.

Together with her husband, she co-created ‘digitalay’ - an online community for underwater enthusiasts. One of its primary objectives is to communicate unbiased and educated messages about marine animals, the environment and conservation issues.

Mean continues to learn and thrive in this changing world by passing on her knowledge, as well as her love of the natural world to younger generations. She can truly say that she has spent half of her amazing life underwater.

IG: mmoraa