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Screw Set for 71208 with Washers

Screw Set for 71208 with Washers

SKU # 95357

$ 56.00

Replacement Hardware Set for Nauticam Adjustable Right Handle II (For Easitray II & Flexitray II)

This item will work for either handle of the trays mentioned above.

Housing mounting screws are sold separately!

Hardware specs:

  • (4) M4 SS Allen head screws; 10mm thread length
  • (2) M5 SS Allen head screws; 6mm thread length
  • (2) M4 SS washer; 9mm diameter; 0.8mm thickness
  • (2) M4 SS washer; 7mm diameter; 0.4mm thickness
  • (2) M5 SS washer; 8mm diameter; 0.25mm thickness



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