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Shutter Release Extension

Shutter Release Extension ~ for Compact/MIL Housing

for Compact/MIL Housing

SKU # 25200

$ 84.00

Nauticam compact housings have been designed around a right handed trigger located on the housing. Some users with big hands, or thick drysuit gloves prefer shooting from a handle. This accessory trigger mechanism provides easy shutter release access from the grip, and stainless steel brackets support the handles even with heavy strobes or video lights mounted.


Only housings that shipped with handle brackets are compatible. A revised right handle bracket may be required.

  • Canon: NA-G7X / NA-G16 / NA-S120
  • Sony: NA-RX100III
  • Olympus: NA-TG3
  • Panasonic: NA-LX100

Nauticam Easitray/Flexitray with Right handle and strobe mounting ball (#71311) are also required.

If the housing did not include the brackets in the box, it is still possible to use the Shutter Release Extension with the Universal Right Handle Bracket (#25214)

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