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N50 Short Port with M67 Thread

N50 Short Port with M67 Thread ~for Wet Wide Angle Lenses (Widest Focal Length Only)

for Wet Wide Angle Lenses (Widest Focal Length Only)

SKU # 38701

$ 261.00

This short port is part of the N50 port system and features an optical-glass front element and anodized aluminum construction. Different size ports are available to support a wide variety of lenses and housing types. Port extensions or adapters may be necessary for some ports and housings.

The N50 Short Port offers precise placement of wide lenses very close to the port's front element at its widest angle zoom position. Zoom through is not available with this port but it does offer the widest coverage possible with minimal vignetting for wide angle photography.

With integrated M67 threads accessories such as the WWL-1 system can be mounted to the front of the port.

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 100m
Port System N50
Port Opening Diameter
Port Diameter
Body Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Port Material Optical-glass
Port Coating Multi-layer Broad-band Anti-reflective Coating Inside
Port Shade Material
Removable Port Shade
Spare O-ring 90143

Introducing N50 Short Port with M67 Thread



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