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DSMC2 REDTOUCH 4.7 Monitor Back

for Weapon LT 16109

SKU # 16229

$ 1,600.00

This replaces the standard back of the Weapon LT housings and allows for the use of the REDTOUCH 4.7" Monitor.  

Nauticam RED housings are the smallest, lightest, and easiest to operate underwater housing for RED Cameras available.  On location, the usability of this system is unmatched.  Set up and tear down in minutes, easily swap batteries and recording media while the camera is mounted in the housing, and lens changes in seconds.  The small size and light weight dramatically decrease resistance in water, especially when free diving.

M16 Vacuum Valve Not Included (Part # 25625)

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 80m

Introducing DSMC2 REDTOUCH 4.7 Monitor Back






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Joe Daniels - Derawan