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Shots from our Photo Seminar in January

We had a great group of participants for our January 2012 Palm Beach Photo Seminar. The weather and conditions cooperated nicely on Friday, but got a bit chilly over the weekend and visibility dropped. We planned it that way of course - to give our students a bit of a challenge! Everyone still came up with some great shots, and here are but a few samples.

Hawksbill Turtle, by Peter Bernstein

Batfish, by Jann Rosen-Queralt

Sharptail Eel, by Brian McGowan

Brian McGowan working his Nauticam D7000. Nice buoyancy Brian!

Filefish closeup, by Jean-Paul Piovesan

Jean-Paul Piovesan with a friendly Ocotpus

Blenny with Sponge and Tube Worm Calcium Trails, by Tom Teper

Tom Teper working with a Sharptail Eel under Blue Heron Bridge

For info about more Nauticam USA events, please see our 2012 Events Calendar. Hope to see you soon!