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Jim Boon and his new D7000

Get a new camera and housing ✓
Take a trip south to find warm water ✓
Get a cover shot published in Northeast Dive News ✓
Win the Northwest Dive Expo photo contest ✓

That's the formula that Jim Boon followed with his new Nikon D7000 in a Nauticam housing. Jim's a cold-water diver and photographer from Seattle, Washington who recently became the proud owner of a Nauticam housing and related gear. 

Jim recently attended a Digital Madness session in Grand Cayman (yes he had to brave the warm water) with Dr. Alex Mustard where he was among one of the first divers to capture the Kittiwake just after her sinking. The Kittiwake photos on Jim's website were taken with a Nikon Nikon 12-24mm zoom and the Nauticam 8.5" dome. 

"the ergonomics of the Nauticam housing are great for divers wearing thick 3-mil and 5-mil gloves. I have small hands and I can easily manage all of the controls as I make adjustments throughout my dives. I use an 8.5" dome port with Nikon, Sigma and Tokina lenses. All of them work great in this housing. After and hour or more in 45-degree Puget Sound water I am still in control with this housing and very happy with the outcomes".

You can see more of Jim's warm and cold water photography on his website,