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Backscatter - Pre-Monterey Shootout Week

Each summer the Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo staff hosts a throng of shooters for the Monterey Shootout, a weekend long underwater photo & video contest. In the week leading up to the event this year, the Backscatter staff hit the water to test gear and have some fun before a rather hectic weekend.

Backscatter staff gets a lift out to the end of the Breakwall for some sea lion action. Backscatter is lucky enough to be located steps away from one of California’s best shore dives – San Carlos State Beach, more commonly known as the Breakwater. The staff had the opportunity to get in the water daily, joined by Nauticam’s Chris Parsons and wildlife filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius.

Cristian Dimitrius gives a thumbs up before hopping in at the Breakwall. Despite the water being a balmy 63 degrees, Cristian missed his Brazilian homeland! Chris provided demo gear including the new Nauticam RX100 III and GH4 housings, which were definitely the most sought after housings of the week. Also in the water with staff was the A5000 housing with the Zeiss 50mm, the Nauticam SMC with the flip multiplier, a FIX NEO 2000 DX SWR, and the a prototype of the next version of Keldan Luna 4.

The Monterey locals’ preferred dive vehicle – the Surrey. Lots of fun on the downhill, not as great coming back up!

Becca Boring & Rob Duncan check out the Nauticam Red EPIC housing during a presentation from Cristian Dimitrius. After hours festivities included excessive amounts of pizza, image critique and hands on training. Chris’s presentation focused on some of the all too often overlooked basics of underwater photography, from picking the right subjects to proper strobe positioning. Cristian shared some tips and tricks for shooting with the Red EPIC in the Nauticam housing and gave a pretty inspirational talk on what it takes to be a successful wildlife filmmaker.

Jim from Backscatter getting some gear photos; Chris looking at the sun and hoping against hope that it will somehow magically warm up the water. It’s one thing to read about a camera or even get your hands on a housing, but it’s an entirely different experience to get in the water to test gear out. Add two experienced professionals such as Cristian Dimitrius and Christopher Parsons, and you have quite the EPIC week! No pun intended.