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Manoj Gupta / MG Lights N Cam

Manoj Gupta is a Mumbai based photographer, cinematographer, diver, and owner of MG Lights N Cam, a camera rental business out of India. Gupta has spent over a decade photographing and helping others do the same across India, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and beyond.

Gupta is an expert in underwater cameras, lights, speakers, in addition to various other underwater accessories. He specializes in rentals for the Sony a1, Sony a7S III, as well as cinema focused equipment such as the Alexa Mini/Mini LF. Through MG Lights N Cam, Gupta strives to provide his clientele with the best possible equipment and software on the market. 

MG Lights N Cam also provides consulting services, ranging from the planning stage, to equipment rentals, and underwater shooting. Gupta staffs MG Lights N Cam with other highly trained professionals who are available for hire in underwater shoots.

Gupta has worked in Bollywood and Tollywood (the two biggest film industries in India), and in partnership with Underwater Film Services and Luminousdeep (the two biggest underwater film production companies in India).