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Katy Fraser

Katy took the the decision to pursue a career in underwater film at the age of 18. She was extremely lucky to find a true passion at such an early age and began to work in film in Thailand, then progressed through Trimix levels in the Philippines, Egypt and South Africa. It has been her mantra since the very beginning to become a proficient diver first and foremost then apply the skill to her camera operation.


In 2014 Katy moved to Mexico to train in cave diving which opened up a whole host of career opportunities. She is currently based there focusing on developing unique lighting techniques. Caves, as beautiful as they are, tend not to be very dynamic. You light it and it dries much like a painting, never to move again, unless you instigate that movement. Everything in the caves in Mexico is slow to stationary and so her challenge is to take something which is forming in geological time and make it come alive in a space of minutes.


Over the past 7 years she has navigated her way through the technical diving industry, tailoring her own route with the aim of achieving her dream of Natural History camera operation. In May this year she achieved this dream landing a position as underwater camera operator for two episodes of a new BBC TWO series called ‘Expedition’ with presenter Steve Backshall and produced by James Brickell.


Katy’s ability to come up with unique concepts and execute innovative and ambitious ideas in challenging environments are a large part of why her career is currently gaining traction. Her goal is now to continue expanding into the TV production industry by becoming more versatile in the environments she is able to shoot, in tandem with continuing to direct, produce, shoot and do the post production for her own independent films through her company She Dives Tech, packing in as much creativity as possible.


The diving industry is a never ending learning experience, this is something Katy relishes and continues to take all opportunities to expand her skill and knowledge. This year she is focusing on progressing through GUE and CCR certifications and plans to apply it to her film skillset.


Katy began to use Nauticam housings from the age of 19 and although she has tried competing brands, she has never waivered from their user friendly, functionable and easily interchangeable design throughout various brands of cameras.

Here are some examples of Katy’s latest work:
For the first time as far as I’m aware, we gelled lots and lots of video lights and transformed the caves here in the Riviera Maya into something truly out of this world. Here we take a journey through roots, under air domes and over haloclines. Needless to say this was extremely fun to shoot! I use coloured lights in my workshops to teach students who are new to lighting to differentiate between what has already been illuminated and what still needs to be. It is also a lot more forgiving than white light and is less prone to burning whiter rock.

Shot with Panasonic GH5s with Nauticam Housing

A Different Light from She Dives Tech on Vimeo.

Philip Gray was dubbed 'extreme artist' after a number of expeditions he undertook to paint. He has travelled far and wide to places like Everest, Antartica and deep into the Borneo Rainforest.
In Feb 2017 I completed my TDI Mod 1 on JJ CCR in preparation to shoot Extreme Artist Philip Gray on his next underwater art adventure, with aims to paint China's 'Shi Cheng' or the Lion City. This city is submerged in a freshwater lake at 40m with some buildings dating back thousands of years.
This is the first diary entry for the project where I was able to explore a ‘underwater creative art’ concept with material, lighting, model and props.
Shot with Panasonic GH4 with Nauticam Housing


Journey to the Lion City part I from She Dives Tech on Vimeo

In 2016 Philip Gray came to Quintana Roo in Mexico with aims of capturing the cenotes by painting underwater. This was not the first time he has painted under water and the cenotes proved a different beast all together, even when compared to painting under an iceberg or with the tiger sharks of the Bahamas.
Meticulous logistical planning was undergone to ensure that painting in the overhead environment was both safe and the conservation of the Cenotes was paramount. Over the week he was with us he produced several beautiful Canvas' truly capturing the beauty of The Pit, Calavera (Temple of Doom), Casa Cenote and Cenote Carwash!
This trailer will be distributed throughout DeMontfort Fine Art Official galleries across the UK and Cruise Ships to launch his new collection "A Peace Within".

TRAILER "A Peace Within" - Out of Darkness into Light from She Dives Tech on Vimeo.

 Using two 15,000 lumen video lights at night and carefully selected material, the idea was to loosely depict the metamorphosis of a butterfly to create a visually pleasing sequence and story. Playing on reflection was the key to incorporating a butterfly theme that ties in with the song Nature by Bassline Drift

This shoot was a completely unique experience for me. It held lots of challenges as many times it went late into the night and working with material is a variable in itself! Although no special effects were used, the post production had to be meticulously done to produce not just an aesthetic motion picture, but also a piece that compliments both the flow of the music and weaves in music artists Keli and Rachel.
Throughout the editing Keli and Rachel were thoroughly engaged and involved. Their constant excitement and great creative input definitely helped to mould the film into what you see here. It is so amazing to be able to combine passions in our unlikely, unique, little collaboration.

Shot with a Panasonic GH4 and Nauticam Housing


Bassline Drift Nature - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from She Dives Tech on Vimeo.


Visit Katy's website to see more of her work: